Andrew Howard Dry Cleaners


Community  Involvement

Teaming up with Local Schools

Since 1995, Andrew Howard Dry Cleaners has been an intergral part of the Syosset/Jericho/Muttontown community.  We have particpated in clean coat drives for the needy  in conjunction with numerous local elementary schools for twenty plus years. Keeping kids warm just warms our heart:)

Jericho Jewish Center Honors Andrew Briller of Andrew Howard Dry Cleaners

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Getting Donated Dresses to our Community

Thanks to the generosity of our clients we have been able to clean and distribute hundreds of donated dresses to our community.

Donate your dresses and gowns with us. We will clean them, get them looking their best and then distrubute them to local temples, schools and churches.  We accept dresses all year round.



Store Hours

  M - F 7am - 7pm

Sat. 8pm- 5pm

Sun. Closed