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It's time to really get to know your dry cleaner.  Take a look at some of the services we offer.  We think you'll be impressed.

Greener Dry Cleaning

If it's the environment you're concerned with then we should be your dry cleaner of choice.  Our State of the art dry cleaning equipment  uses far less energy than many of our competitors.  Our methods for cleaning are gentler on  clothing and do not leave that "dry cleaner odor".  We use a fraction of cleaning solvents compared to other methods and our solvents do not add any greenhouse gases to the environment. Oh! Did we mention that we use biodegradable plastic bags and even offer a “Green Cleaner Laundry Bag” which eliminates all paper and plastic from your dry cleaning order? If clean clothing and a clean environment gets you excited then you are just like us!

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Pick Up and Delivery

Expert Stain Removal

At Andrew Howard Dry Cleaners, we have stain specialists on staff who are specially trained to remove the toughest and stubborn stains from the most delicate items.  Our team regularly attends seminars and classes to stay up to date with today's every changing fabrics and fashions.  New Techno fabrics are never a challenge for us either, as we have learned the best ways to remove stains and keep the intergrity of the fabric's tensile strength and durability.

paint on clothes and hands of 1 year old that a good dry cleaner can get out.

Curb Side Service

Curb Side Service

In a hurry?  The weather not cooperating? Have the kids in the car or you just don't feel like getting out? Let us come out to you. We will handle your drop off or pick up right at the curb. Just give us a call when you arrive. Our phone number is located on our front window for your convenience. After all, servicing our clients is our pleasure.


Having your clothing fit right is just as important as what style you choose. Let our tailoring department help you look your best. Whether it’s just shortening a pair of jeans with an original hem or having the sleeves on your leather jacket shortened, we will get your clothes to fit you just right! We also hem, taper and custom fit dresses and evening gowns. Have a special suit for a job interview...let us help you get the job.

a tailor's measureing tape used to attain a great sense of attention to detail at andrew howard's dry cleaning

Formal Wear Specialists

In today's fashions we are seeing a greater variety in ornamentation and sequins on formal

wear, not to mention more delicate fabrics and styles. Don't take a chance with just any dry

cleaner. We have been dry cleaning fomal wear and evening gowns for over twenty years and

have the experience and knowledge to clean and care for your special pieces. Many high end

clothing stores trust their pieces to should you.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns are a bride's most prized possession. Cleaning and preserving a wedding gown is serious business. At Andrew Howard Dry Cleaners, we meticulously clean and press your dress before we preserve it with museum quality acid free wedding gown boxes and materials. You can rest assure that your gown will be safely preserved for a lifetime with our wedding gown preservation methods. Stop in for a free consultation or just give us call.


Shoe & Handbag Cleaning and Repair

From new soles or just a shine, our shoe repair experts have the skill and experience to keep your shoes looking their best all year long. We also clean and repair designer hand bags and belts. After all, no ensemble is complete without the right accessories.  Keep them looking new.  Ask us about this service today and you'll be ready for your next event.

Try our Hand Finished Shirts when commercial laundering just isn't good enough....Today's fashion includes high end designer sport shirts.  Shirts that commercial laundering is just not appropriate for. Delicate buttons and fine fabrics require special attention.  Our handfinishing process includes washing your shirts in a premium detergent and then ironing your shirts by hand producing a flawless shirt.

Simply put...there is no better cleaning process for your designer shirts.

Hand Finished Shirts

a beautiful bride in her white wedding gown that can be restored and preserved at andrew howard dry cleaners
hand finished dress shirts in blue and light grey produce a flawless and impeccably good looking shirt mint colored leather handbag and complimentary high heel toeless shoes that can be cleaned and repaired at andrew howard dry cleaners

Pickup and Delivery

We know how hectic life can be. That’s why we offer our Pick Up and Delivery Program. No need to remember to pick up or drop off your clothing anymore. Let us customize a pickup and delivery program that fits your schedule. Once you enjoy the convenience of pick up and delivery, we might not see you in our store again. Just click here to get started.

Our curbside service includes all types of service in inclement weather and hot and cold days by our superior staff



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